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A Young Scythian Amazon who participated in the battle against Heracles after he murdered Hippolyta. Her shield had a white Sphinx. Three of Heracles' captains-Telamon, Theseus and Tiamedes-fled the battlefield but Pantariste, along with Areto (whose name means "Unspeakable" and whose shield had a white snake) and Barkida, pursued them. Two Greek soldiers rushed to face her but Pantariste grabbed one of them by the hair, pulled him to the ground and impaled him with her spear. She grabbed the other by his throat and suffocated him to death. Then she reclaimed her spear and hurled it at Tiamedes, who deflected it with his shield, but in the process was knocked to the ground. Pantariste drew forth her labrys (a double-headed axe) and beheaded Tiamedes.

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