Amazonomachia Louvre Ma2119 2

An Amazon brave hand-selected by Penthesilea to fight in the Trojan War. She slew Menippus, splitting him in two, and then was slayed by Podaces. He, in turn, was killed by Penthesilea.

Other Amazon braves joined Penthesilea in her quest: there was also Evandre and Derinoe (who slew the soldier Laogonus in hand-to-hand combat). Polemusa, Antandre (whose name means "She Who Precedes Men"), Bremusa ("Raging Female", she was killed in battle by Idomenius), Hippothoe ("Imperious Mare"), Harmothoe ("Sharp Nail"), Alcibie (beheaded by Diomedes), Derimachea, Antibrote and Thermodosa, Ainia ("Swiftness") and Helene.

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