"Killer of Men".

Heracles fights yet another Queen of the Amazons to prove his manhood, this time Andromache. Amazononmachies depict Heracles pulling off her helmet to reveal her long, flowing hair. This is unsual because the Amazons usually kept their hair pulled back in braids. Because further depictions have her fighting without a helmet she is considered very mighty. She's able to hold a Greek warrior by his hair and stabs him in the throat with her spear.

She also fought in the Attic War against Perithous.

Another Amazon to accompany Andromache in the battle against Heracles and Telamon was Andromeda ("Ruler of Men"), Antimache ("Confronting Warrior"), Alcinoe ("Mighty Wisdom") and Amynomene ("Blameless Defender"). Areximacha was a Phrgyian Amazon who was also present.

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