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"Confronting Moon".

The sister of Hippolyta and the princess of the Amazons. Is also known for marrying Greek hero Theseus (some sources say by force, others say by choice) and having a son named Hippolytus, named after her sister.

In the infamous incident concerning Hippolyta's girdle, the Amazon's attacked Heracles and Theseus to win back Antiope and the girdle which led to the Attic War. They were defeated.

Other stories say that Antiope herself declared war on Theseus becasue he was abandoning her for a woman named Phaedra. Antiope invaded their wedding hoping to slaughter everyone present but Theseus killed her. The poet Ovid wrote that she was pregnant at the time.

Another Amazon to accompany Antiope at this time was Antianeira, who dueled Theseus in single combat. Another fighter in the war was Androdameia ("Subduer of Men") and Aristomache ("Best of Warriors"), who fought Mounichos.