Welcome to Amazonian Odessey! The Wikia website that anyone with the knowledge of Amazons, Valkyries, and Warrior Women can edit and share their knowledge with. We don't just cover the Amazons of Greek lore but we also include famous warrior queens, generals, and princesses plus individuals of myth, history and religion as well as pop culture. So saddle up, draw your sword, string your bow and join us on our Amazon Odessey!

What Is This Website About?Edit

This website was started to educate curious people about the forgotten sheroes of yesteryear. Warrior women are not a post-feminist phenomenon, but are as old as the hills. Much of public education overlooks many herstorical figures. For example; did you know that there were women gladiators? Or female samurai? That England was at one time a tribal country ruled by a queen? From time to time new entries will be added with more interesting information about Amazons, Valkyries, Samurai and Warrior Queens.

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